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Carpet cleaning

Are you finding it impossible to get rid of your pet's odor from your carpet? Our specialized pet odor treatment is sure to take care of it for you.

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Rejuvenate your carpets with some help from experienced professionals

It's natural for carpets to lose their sheen and good feel over time due to accumulation of dirt. While regular vacuuming can take care of some of the lose surface dirt, your carpet cannot can get back its brand new look without professional help. That's where Carpet Pro comes into the picture.


We come with decade's worth of carpet cleaning experience and the best tools to give your carpets a thorough cleaning, which not just anyone can give. We'll put new life into your carpet using Hot Water Extraction method and heavy-duty truck mounted equipment.

While you have us clean your carpets, why not let us also take care of upholstery on your furniture and car? Once we're done with our job, the result will leave you smiling.


The major business meeting is tomorrow and your office carpets are still dirty? Don't worry. Just give Carpet Pro a call and our professional cleaners will be there in no time to set things right for you.

Let us clean your upholstery

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