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Duct cleaning

Don't postpone the cleaning of your HVAC air ducts any longer as they could be harbouring dangerous allergens. Get our professional help today!

Hire our bonded and insured staff to clean your air ducts.


Safeguard your health with clean air ducts

You may never see the inside of air ducts, but it's still extremely important to keep them clean — for the sake of your health and to save energy. Air ducts can accumulate huge quantities of dust and allergens, which can cause respiratory and other health issues. Timely cleaning gets rid of them and lets your HVAC provide you clean and fresh air.


However, cleaning air ducts is a task only for professionals with speciality equipment and plenty of experience, which is critical to get the job done properly. You can get complete heat and air conditioning duct work cleaning service from us, which involves cleaning of each vent or return as well as disinfecting them.

Air ducts being difficult to access, require special equipment to get to those hard to reach spaces and to remove stubborn dirt.


We make use of proven suction and rotating bristle cleaning system to get rid of the dust from your air ducts. The equipment we use does an efficient job at cleaning air ducts in both residential and commercial properties.

Equipment we trust to clean your air ducts

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